Recalibrate Your Black Girl Magic With These Unique Spa Getaways
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Everyone loves a vacation full of active adventures. But from time to time it’s okay to indulge in a little pampering as well.  From Utah to South Africa, these spa escapes are some of the best in the world, and their unique experiences incorporate ancient methods that seek to connect you with nature, clear your mind, restore your body and balance your magical spirit.

NihiOka Spa Safari: Nihi Sumba Island

Located just a short flight from Bali, Nihi Sumba Island is a resort that lives on “the edge of wildness.” Guests are encouraged to not only indulge in the resorts rugged luxury and unregulated freedom but to also connect to something much deeper and larger than themselves, through spa and wellness programs that are an integral part of the Nihi experience.

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Sure you can get a $2 massage at a random spot on the island, but trust me when I say the NihiOka Spa Safari is a one of a kind experience not to be missed. The Spa Safari starts with an optional 90-minute trek (or jeep ride.) through hills, expansive rice fields, and a traditional Sumbanese village, followed by breakfast over a private coastline.

Next, your spa therapist will show you to your private cliff side room where you can choose to enjoy a swim in the ocean first or simply dive right into your selection of full or half day treatments, which range from body wraps and scrubs to 90-minute massages and an organic facial.  I recommend the Salt Glow Scrub to maintain your melanin magic glow.

Desert Awareness: Amangiri

International resorts aren’t the only way to recalibrate your mind, body, and spirit. Set amidst the natural beauty of Canyon Point in Utah, Amangiri goes back to basics and looks to the holistic healing traditions of the Navajo for their spa treatments.

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Amangiri’s Desert Awareness treatment seeks to restore guests’ inner equilibrium with an inspirational and unforgettable journey. Start by relaxing your mind and body with 30-minute meditation and 60-minute yoga sessions.  Next, a Navajo guide will help you explore the area’s iconic canyons, including Rattlesnake Canyon, before returning you to the resort for a lunch overlooking the desert. Finally, surrender to peace with a 30-minute floatation therapy session (where you float in warm saltwater from the Dead Sea), a 90-minute massage and 30-minute Crystal Sound Bath, before ending the day with a Hot Stone Dinner where you are serenaded by a Navajo flutist.

Mindfulness Moment: One&Only Capetown

Known as the Mother City, Capetown’s multicultural vibe and iconic history make it the perfect place to go when you want to clear your mind and get refocused. It’s no Wakanda, but the One&Only Capetown has created an urban oasis with its spa that is as serene, unique and beautiful as its surroundings.

The Mindfulness Moment is holistic, deeply relaxing and clarifying experience that works on the concept of mindfulness, focusing on both mind and body to help you reduce stress and be present for life’s journey.  Your therapist will guide you through breathing and visualization techniques to help you release physical or emotional anxieties. Focusing on the metamorphic zones on the feet, sink into a message meant to help rebalance and ground, before a soothing, deeply therapeutic massage is continued up through the body to promote positivity to the mind, finishing with a re-energizing scalp massage using warm Rose Quartz Crystals. After two hours, you will re-emerge relaxed, stress-free and with a clear mind, focused on whatever may lie ahead.

Enchanted Forest Treatment: Ayana Resort & Spa

Not interested in fancy crystals or hikes with your spa treatments? Bells and whistles are not always needed to get back to your zen place. Head to the Rimba Rooftop Spa at Ayana Resort in Bali and settle into a sensory experience fit for a goddess.

The Enchanted Forest is a 100-minute session that is filled with a Balinese style massage that eliminates stress, an aromatherapy herbal balm to moisturize, a smooth body scrub hand-crafted from sandalwood, hibiscus, and frangipani and topped off with a spicy herbal tea rose petal bath that will elevate you to the highest heights of relaxation.