Black Travel Vibes: Discover The Desert Oasis Of Oman
Photo Credit: @shmartine

While most people tend to flock to neighboring United Arab Emirates for the glitz and the glam, those looking to travel a bit deeper and get a more traditional Middle Eastern experience, head to Oman.

Despite offering natural beauty, spectacular mountains, wind-blown deserts and a pristine coastline, Oman still remains an underrated oasis. However, more and more travelers are being drawn to the country’s traditional charms and Bedouin values. Photography enthusiast, Sh.Martine (@shmartine) recently took her camera on a desert adventure and the images from her journey will blow you away.

If you’re planning your 2020 getaways and want to add a unique destination to your list, follow along with Sh.Martine on her Omani journey and take notes from our exclusive guide to find out how you can experience the wonders of Oman on your own.

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