Black Travel Vibes: Myanmar Is The Travel Gem You Didn’t Know Existed
Photo Credit: @findingmutanu

This Black travel movement is no joke. We’re out here touring the world in record numbers, like never before. One look at social media and you can see us living it up in Miami, wandering the streets of Cartegena, eating strange foods in Bangkok or relaxing in the endless blue waters of Zanzibar–after a while, it starts to feel like you’ve seen it all, that is until you lay eyes on a gem you didn’t even know existed.

Myanmar is a destination that travelers tend to overlook when heading to Asia. It’s surrounded by more popular destinations like Thailand and China, so it’s sort of been a bit of a mystery – until now.

Each day more and more globetrotters, like Liberian native Celia (@findingmutanu), discover the wonders of Myanmar and introduce its beauty to the world. If you’ve been looking to take your travels off the beaten path, Celia’s photo journey along with our exclusive guide will tell you all you need to know about your new favorite getaway. Enjoy!

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