Black Travel Vibes: It’s All Peace And Love In Montenegro
Photo Credit: @bengoingplaces

Montenegro is one of those destinations that you don’t think you need to visit until you actually visit. The small southeastern European island is still very slept on despite its stunning coastline and larger than life locals who are known for dishing out a bear hug or two to visitors as a welcome to their little slice of heaven.

Rugged mountains surround crystal clear waters, dense forests cloak charming towns and villages, and the cuisine here is so yummy that you’ll leave weighing a few pounds heavier than when you came–and these are just a few of the reasons that travelers who are up on Montenegro keep returning year after year.

Traveler Benjamin K. Norman (@bengoingplaces) is still chasing the sun, and his recent adventure led him to the picturesque island nation where he fell in love with its beauty and peaceful vibe. Check out our exclusive guide and peep a few photos from Benjamin’s journey to see why Montenegro needs to have next on your travel wish list.

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