Megan Thee Stallion Is On An Epic Cabo Getaway
Photo Credit: @theestallion

While many of us are suffering from the winter blues, captain of the boat and slayer of knees Megan Thee Stallion is off in Cabo, Mexico on an epic group getaway. And we’re mad we weren’t invited.

Along with celebrity stylist EJ King and the rest of her squad, 24-year-old Megan is living her best life ATV riding, ziplining through Mexican forests, and of course, driving the boat — the tequila boat that is.

Oh but if you thought it was all fun and games, think again. BFF Megan found time to get a quick workout in to keep that Texas fed body and her world-famous knees in tip-top shape. She even got her friends and her Frenchie Foe in on the action.

Check out a few more photos of Megan’s sun-filled Mexican escape, and next time girl, send us an invite!

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