Black Travel Vibes: Soak Up The Sun In Mauritius
Photo Credit: @travel_et_vogue

If you mention Mauritius to most people, they’ll likely tell you they’ve never heard of it, and they certainly couldn’t tell you where it is. However, it’s that lack of knowledge that has also helped Mauritius remain one of Africa’s best-kept secrets.

Powder sand beaches, world-class diving, hiking through tranquil forests and seafood dishes that will leave your mouth-watering for more, are just a few of the things that await you on Mauritius’ shores. Add to that easy access to nearby Reunion (another relatively unknown gem), a magical island filled with stunning black sand beaches, and you have an escape built for relaxation.

Jesetter’s Kui Kamau and Kanancie (@travel_et_vogue) took a quick jaunt to the island to soak up some of Mama Africa’s sun and start the New Year off right. Check out a few pics from their Mauritius adventure and take notes from our exclusive guide so you can chase the sun to paradise too.

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