Black Travel Vibes: Take A Solo Escape To The Maldives
Photo Credit: @simplycyn

The islands of the Maldives are literally what dreams are made of – sunny skies, stunning villas, sparkling clear blue waters and sunsets to die for. A popular hotspot for lovers looking to spend uninterrupted quality time together, the vibrant tropical nation is at the top of most Black traveler’s wish list. But couples aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the breathtaking paradise.

While most people save a trip to one of the Indian Ocean’s most sought after escapes for their honeymoon or some other romantic occasion, the Maldives is a great getaway for solo travelers as well. From yoga on the beach and submarine adventures to flavorful seafood meals and clubs where you can dance the night away under the stars, there’s plenty to get into on a solocation.

Travelista Cynthia Andrew (@simplycyn) recently hopped a flight to the country’s sandy shores and the photo journey of her jaunt left us speechless. If you’ve been putting off this trip because you haven’t found Mr. or Mrs. right, let Cynthia’s travels and our exclusive guide show you why the Maldives is the solo escape you need.

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