Black Travel Vibes: Live The Luxe Life In Zanzibar
Photo Credit: @mrsivorycoast

If you thought all there was to the continent of Africa was the poor and downtrodden clips you’ve seen on the news or in movies, you couldn’t be more wrong. From Morocco to South Africa, Mama Africa is filled with beauty and luxury that can rival any Caribbean or European destination on your bucket list. And one of those destinations is Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is infused with a unique heritage full of Caribbean-like charm, yet still distinctly African and the perfect escape for travelers looking for a luxurious vacation. From 5-star resorts with overwater villas looking out into the endless blues of the Indian Ocean and unique dining experiences showcasing cuisines from all across the globe to private sea adventures that will leave you speechless, Zanzibar is where you go to truly see Africa, the real Africa.

Recently, Elsa, also known as Miss Côte d’Ivoire USA 2016 (@mrsivorycoast) experienced some African luxe on the island and every moment of her trip made us mad we didn’t get an invite. If you’re looking to explore the continent beyond Ghana, check out our exclusive guide to Zanzibar that will help you plan a luxurious journey you’ll never forget.

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