This Beautiful Los Cabos Boutique Hotel Is Every Black Creative’s Dream

Hotel El Ganzo - Los Cabos

Tanya A. Christian Apr, 18, 2018

Over the last few years, Los Cabos — Mexico’s darling, resort town — has experienced a hospitality boom like none other. Beyond it’s picturesque views and exciting nightlife, the location once known for rowdy spring breakers has found its niche by mixing affordable luxury with a whole lot of culture. What’s emerged is as an artist’s destination with amazing galleries, fantastic food, and live music venues that rival New Orleans’.

Just a short drive away from the cobblestone streets of the area’s now-popular Gallery District lies El Ganzo, a 70-room boutique hotel that merges all these wonderful offerings to delight the creative that lives inside each of us. If that’s not reason enough to visit this gem, here are a few more reasons why:

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Waking up to views of the marina and sunlight creeping through your window makes it easy to start the day off feeling inspired. A minimal esthetic throughout each of the guestrooms and the collective hotel further helps to decrease the clutter in your mind and get the creative juices going. For a closer look at the beautiful surroundings, and a little change of scenery away from other hotel guests, visitors can step onto their sleek terrace and embrace the alluring atmosphere.

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To quote Bob Marley, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” And one — of many— good things about El Ganzo is that musicians can experience the euphoria of making hits while taking advantage of the hotel’s apropos atmosphere. A basement level recording suite, ran by producer Mark Rudin, has all the fixings of a typical, high end studio and the hotel welcomes artists from different countries and musical genres to make something special in their home. Once a month the property hosts a rooftop concert open to resort guests and ticket-holding locals.

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Every creative needs a moment to break — and you can certainly do that at El Ganzo. Not only is the hotel one of few in the area with direct access to a beach, but beyond playtime in the sand, it offers guests an amazing spa experience. Equipped with a pool, steam room, and sauna, the hydrotherapy circuit will give you the time-out you need without ever stepping into a massage room. For a treat, book one of several offerings from a robust spa menu. There are services based on traditional practices from all over the world and beauty treatments to boot.

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If you need to clear out your chakras and make room for new ideas, you're at the right place. The boutique hotel offers triweekly yoga classes for the beginner and enthusiast, alike. With just a two-minute boat ride, you’ll be transported from the dock outside the lobby doors to a peaceful parcel on the other side of the marina. There, an instructor will greet you for an invigorating hour of mind-freeing activity and meditation. If your visit happens to fall during a full moon, you can roll out your mat under the stars for what the hotel has dubbed full moon yoga.

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Staying at El Ganzo is like vacationing at an unpretentious art museum. General Manager Ella Messerli describes the property’s walls as an open canvas, and invites artists from around the world to leave their mark — however they feel best — at the edgy resort. From the moment you pull up to its front doors you’ll realize it doesn’t feel like any place you’ve stayed at before. The original paintings evoke a level of unbridled luxury that’s hard to find anywhere else.

BONUS: El Ganzo’s appreciation for the arts pours down to their community service project where local students have the opportunity to create their own masterpieces under the supervision of professional art instructors.

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Hotel El Ganzo

Great views inspire even greater thoughts, especially if you feel at peace enough to let your mind truly wander. This little corner of paradise is calling you.