9 Last Minute Warm Weather Getaways For Your Next Escape

Because you can always use a vacation.

Soul Society 101 May, 29, 2017

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*Cues Tony! Toni! Tone!* It never rains in Southern California! And it’s true. Southern California regions like Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Long Beach and San Diego boast warm weather year-round. Your beach days will be in abundance. Grab some friends and head out west for a long weekend of shopping, site seeing, hiking and so much more.

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Since U.S. relations with Cuba have improved, travel to Cuba has been all the rage. Imagine smoking a Cuban cigar in the back of a candy painted vintage vehicle, heading to the beach, taking in historical sites and more. The wifi situation in Cuba is a bit of a struggle, so you can use that as your excuse to finally unplug.

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Looking for some warm experiences with Asian flair? Thailand has you covered. Spend a day or two in Bangkok then head on over to Phuket for some beach bumming and animal loving. It’s the perfect getaway.

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Disconnect from society a bit with a visit to Tulum, which is known for being the ultimate place to unplug. Become one with nature in a place beautiful enough to get even the busiest person back to enjoying the simple things in life.

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If luxury is your lane, look into The Seychelles. A nation of eastern African islands that sit in the Indian Ocean offer everything a luxury traveler could ever need. Hop around from the main island of Mahe, to the more intimate and warmer island of Praslin and the nature-lover’s land of La Digue.

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When people think about visiting the South, Houston is not usually one of the first cities that come to mind, but it should be. Houston’s scene for young Black creatives and professionals is bubbling with bars, lounges and brunches at every turn. Tex-Mex restaurants alone are worth the trip. Be sure to include a Sunday in your travels because Sunday Funday is the motto in H-Town. Find hotel options here.

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Jamaica may seem like an obvious option, but you’d be surprised by how many different sides Jamaica has to offer beyond the beach. You may love an all-inclusive resort, but this go-round, check out some less touristy spots like Strawberry Hill or Port Antonio. Eat at local restaurants, hang with local people and find out exactly what makes Jamaica a true gem of the Caribbean.

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Colombia, specifically Cartagena, will draw you in with bright colors, great nightlife and beautiful beach escapes. Not to mention, it’s an extremely affordable international trip that is full of culture.

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Never overlook the Sunshine State. Florida offers the heat all year long and is perfect if you’re seeking Caribbean or Latin American vibes without traveling too far from home. Visit Miami for the party and beach life or Orlando for shopping and fun with the family.