This Safari Photoshoot In Kenya Will Blow Your Mind
Photo Credit: @hobopeeba

When it comes to African safaris, you’re likely used to pretty traditional imagery. From the vast plains of Kruger National Park in South Africa, to the majestic migration of the wildebeest in Tanzania’s Serengeti, photos of these epic experiences tend to stay within a photography playbook. But one stunning safari photoshoot on social media has left us totally speechless.

In a stunning photoshoot done in collaboration with Russian photographer Kristina Makeeva, Kenyan beauty queen Stacy Michuki went on a safari unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Draped in gorgeous gowns and other designer attire, Michuki danced among giraffes, made friends with ostriches and played with zebras.

As a native of Kenya, its beauty is nothing new to Michuki. However, when she took the crown of Miss Universe Kenya 2019 (at only 18-years-old), she made it one of her missions to highlight the indelible strength and vibrant culture of her homeland. And she did not disappoint.

This royal Kenyan safari is the stuff fairytales are made of and gives a beautiful spin on a classic adventure. Check out more images below!

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