Ready  For Di Road! 36 Photos That Prove Jamaica Carnival Was Pure Vibes
Photo Credit: Dacx Productions

Though it may be one of the newest annual Caribbean fetes on the block, Jamaica Carnival has certainly made a name for itself. Heart-pumping parties that combine the best of soca and dancehall, including the well known Soca Brainwash and Caesar’s Army’s AMBush fetes, go literally from sunup to sundown.

Revelers at Jamaica Carnival spend days indulging in pure bacchanal, leading up to the main event where they rock elaborate, colorful costumes that show off the style, beauty, and pride of the island and its people.

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If you’ve been looking for a reason to add Jamaica Carnival to your international fete list, then check out these photos that are sure to have you ready to book a flight to Kingston for next year’s celebration, tonight!


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