Black Travel Vibes: Embrace The Unique Heritage Of Zanzibar
Photo Credit: @jo_anne_paul

Off the coast of East Africa in the middle of the Indian Ocean’s endless blues lies the paradise of Zanzibar. This semi-autonomous region of Tanzania is infused with a unique heritage full of Caribbean-like charm, yet still distinctly African. If you’re looking to experience a different, yet familiar side of the continent, a trip to Zanzibar needs to be at the top of your list.

With bustling markets where local women sell handmade goods and the men offer refreshing sugarcane juice, the capital city of Stone Town seems to always be filled with welcoming energy.  That energy is one of the things that drew Kenyan nutritionist Joanne Kamau (@jo_anne_paul) to the island. From the night markets to the picturesque beaches, she fell in love with the culture and vibes of the country from the moment she arrived.

With all eyes on Africa at the moment, Joanne’s photos will have you ready to book a flight to Zanzibar tonight. Lucky for you, we have an exclusive guide that will help you get into the country’s unique heritage and experience a journey you’ll never forget.

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