#GOALS: Bozoma Saint John And Her Daughter Lael Are On The Cutest European Escape
Photo Credit: Bozoma Saint John

Remember what your family vacations were like as a kid? Disney World, maybe a day trip to Great Adventures or the beach. Well, these days kids are going on epic global adventures that will make your 10-year-old self green with envy.

Just take corporate badass Bozoma Saint John and her daughter Lael, for example. After a rockstar year at school, Lael and her mom have jetted off to Europe for the summer for a mother-daughter escape of a lifetime. First up, a luxurious trip to Capri, Italy where the dynamic duo sported their best slaycation wear and flyest heels, enjoyed some pool time and created once-in-a-lifetime moments that only mothers and daughters can share.

Next on the jet set list, London, for some more fun and #BlackGirlMagic. Check out a few photos from their journey so far, that we’ll be sure to be following closely.

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