EveryBODY is a Beach Body! 12 Times Curvy Girls Killed The Swimsuit Game On Vacay
Photo Credit: @kellyaugustineb

Hear ye, hear ye, summer swimsuit season is officially in full effect! It’s time to break out your bikinis, monokinis, and everything in between, and proudly flaunt what your momma gave you.

But before you get to thinking that only a certain type of body is built for beach and poolside antics, think again. Just because you’ve got a bit more fluff than the average, and a few extra curves bringing the boys to the yard, doesn’t mean that your body isn’t beautiful and #ESSENCETravel-ready, just as it is.

When it comes to swimsuits, everyBODY is a beach body! No matter your size, you can still hang with the best of them and bring the heat on your vacation, every time, with a great swimsuit (and confidence)! Don’t believe us? These twelve women killed their swimsuit game on vacay and prove that beaches and pools were made for everyBODY.

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Hold on tight because these curvy babes are gorge!


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