Black Travel Vibes: This Dubai Escape Will Make You Jump For Joy (And Book A Flight)
Photo Credit: @rianna_gallery

In case you didn’t already know, Black women love Dubai. The glitz, glam and of course, the photoshoots for the ‘gram are just a few reasons why the desert paradise is a hit among travelers.

One trip to the relatively new city (the U.A.E as a nation is only 48 years old!) and you’ll quickly be in awe of the architecture, blended cultures and abundance of activities and adventures for visitors to get into. The affordability of Dubai is also a shock to many people who assume its flashy facade equals high prices. The truth is, however, that you can make your stay as budget-friendly or over-the-top as you’d like. That’s the thing about Dubai, the sky is the limit!

London-based jetsetter Rianna (@rianna_gallery) popped over to the futuristic playground for a visit and her adventures had us ready to catch a flight of our own. Grab a pen and a pad, and take notes because we’re about to instruct you on how to live your best life in Dubai.

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