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Black Travel Vibes: Have A Snowy Adventure In The Dolomites

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Black Travel Vibes: Have A Snowy Adventure In The Dolomites
Photo Credit: @tostos_

While most people flock to the crowded streets of Florence or the Amalfi Coast when they plan a visit to Italy, there’s so much more to the popular destination than meets the eye. Just a short drive north of Rome you’ll find a region that seems worlds away from the Italy we all think we know — the Dolomites.

Majestic mountains, calm lakes, and adrenaline-pumping ski slopes are just a few of the reasons why travelers looking for a different kind of getaway look to this serene gem. Though it is a perfect year-round destination, visiting during the winter months allows visitors to see Italy in a different light as they try out snowy adventures like snow hiking through lush forests.

Recently London based fashionista Alexandriah Sho-Silva (@tostos_) decided to trade in her usual warm-weather escapes to Morocco and Spain for a fun-filled time in the Dolomites and the beauty in her photos had us ready to add it to our travel bucket list. Take an inside peek at Alexandriah’s journey and pay close attention to our exclusive guide because we’re sure by the time you’re done you’ll be ready to bring the heat to the cold weather in Italy too.