Black Travel Vibes: Do It For The Culture In Cartagena, Colombia
Photo Credit: @creamwrx

The South American country of Colombia is known for its vibrant culture, warm and welcoming people and flavorful cuisine. The port city of Cartagena is often a gateway for newbies to Colombian culture and boasts eclectic vibes that make visitors feel like they belong from the moment they arrive.

Another reason why travelers flock to Cartegena is the city’s strong African influence. Black culture is acknowledged and celebrated openly with many locals of African decent proud to declare that they love being Black. Recently, globetrotter Tracey Bostic (@creamwrx) went on a girls’ trip to Cartagena to do it up for the culture visiting historic villages and learning more about locals’ ties to Africa.

If you’re looking to travel a little deeper and learn more about our culture in the process, check out our exclusive guide to and be inspired to connect with Blackness in Cartagena and around the diaspora.

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