Black Travel Vibes: Soar Above It All In Cappadocia
Photo Credit: @samia_jay

Can we tell you a not so secret secret? Black women love Turkey, actually, to be more specific, we love Cappadocia! Jetsetters flock to the bi-continental country (Turkey sits in both Europe and Asia) year after year to check one very special experience off their travel bucket lists – hot air balloon rides.

Colorful images of Cappadocia’s magical hot air balloon adventures can be found all over social media, with guests to the are planning their visit and choosing the perfect accommodations months in advance. One traveler who recently visited the unique region is Samia Jay (@samia_jay). The Lisbon based e-commerce coach fell in love with the wonders of Cappadocia and has vowed to return again and again.

Samia’s gorgeous photos are sure to fill you with envy, that’s why we created an exclusive guide to this epic adventure that will have you ready to book a flight to magical Cappadocia tonight.

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