Black Travel Vibes: This Vietnamese Adventure Is Off The Beaten Path
Photo Credit: @yale_meets_world

Filled with diverse landscapes that range from jam-packed cities to seemingly never-ending ocean views, Vietnam has so much to offer. Often overshadowed by its more popular neighbors Thailand and Cambodia, Vietnam is known for its flavorful cuisine and breathtaking temples, yet somehow it’s not at the top of many Black travelers bucket lists.

However, as travel to SEAsia grows more and more popular, travelers are expanding their tastes and venturing out to discover the beauty off the beaten path destinations likeVietnam. Solo globetrotter Yale (@yale_meets_world) is one travelista who recently explored this hotspot and her photos paint the picture of a hidden gem just ripe for the plucking. Check out more photos from her journey along with our exclusive guide, and discover the wonders of Vietnam for yourself.

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