Black Travel Vibes: This is How You Take a Solo Trip to the Maldives
Photo Credit: @kingjaffejoey

The Maldives are what travel dreams are made of, which is why it stays at the top of most Black traveler’s wish list. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend their days laid out in paradise? Think sunny skies, floating villas, flavorful cuisine, and the bluest blues as far as the eye can see–we know, it sounds lovely and it is!

And if you thought the Maldives was only for lovers, think again. Jetsetter Joey (@kingjaffejoey) took a solo getaway that left his followers in awe.

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If you’ve been hesitating on planning your dream trip to one of the hottest destinations in the Indian Ocean because you’re waiting to visit with bae, our guide will definitely have you ready to get to the Maldives with or without a companion in tow.


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