Black Travel Vibes: Get into the Vibrant Island of Curaçao
Photo Credit: @curioustides

All Caribbean islands are not created equal. Seeing one doesn’t exempt you from seeing the 27 others. Every island has its own vibe and distinct flavor, which is why the Caribbean circuit is so popular amongst Black travelers.

While it may not be as popular as some of its Caribbean Sea cousins, the Dutch ruled country of Curaçao is an island that Black travelers should not sleep on. From colorful streets filled with friendly locals to picturesque views and delicious cuisine, if a visit to Curaçao isn’t already on your list, it should be.

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Curaçao native Jeandra (@curioustides) can’t get enough of showing off the beauty of her beloved homeland, and with each photo she posts on her Instagram feed, she makes us fall deeper in love with Curaçao.


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