Black Travel Vibes: Kiss Your Dreams Hello In Cairo, Egypt
Photo Credit: @missdiddy

When it comes to exploring the continent of Africa there is one destination that fills the dreams of many Black travelers. The iconic city of Cairo in Egypt is literally the land of kings and queens and carries a long and rich heritage that we often date back to our ancestors.

Towering temples, the Valley of Kings, the Great Sphinx and the majestic Nile River are just a few of the wonders one can discover when they step foot on city’s bustling streets. For Lifestyle Specialist and jetsetter Miss Diddy (@missdiddy), escaping to Cairo for the holidays was a dream come true, and judging from how much time she spent at the spa, relaxing af.

If you’ve been thinking of Egypt, check out Miss Diddy’s photos and our exclusive guide so you’ll be ready to plan your own adventure to Cairo and kiss your travel dream hello in no time.

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