Black Travel Moment of the Day: These Black Women Got In Full Formation At Trinidad Carnival
Photo Credit: @zumbamaat

From the elaborate costumes to the nonstop fetes and celebrities living their best lives, this year’s carnival celebration in Trinidad was definitely one for the history books.

But the standout stars of this year’s festivities were a group of Black women who represented the definition of #BlackGirlMagic. The theme of carnival’s Soca Brainwash fete was The 70s: Peace, Love, Harmony and Soca, and while many revelers opted to dress up in colorful outfits reminiscent of groovy beats and flower power, fitness instructor Ma’at and her crew chose to do it for the culture.

Photo Credit: @zumbamaat

Dressed in all black, with their fists raised high, the ladies got in formation to honor the Black Panther Movement in Trinidad.

Photo Credit: @zumbamaat

We salute you ladies for being different and honoring Black culture around the world. Can’t wait to see what you do for Trinidad Carnival next year!

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