Black Travel Moment of the Day: This Woman’s Escape To Kenya’s Lamu Island Is A Vibe
Photo Credit: @this_is_ess
We all know about the popular destinations to hit when it comes time to plan our next adventure. But the beauty of a travel journey is that there are no rules. Even if you’ve already visited a destination, there’s always a new gem to discover, one that you might repeat time and time again. For Nairobi, Kenya native Sharon, even in her home country there are amazing hidden location gems to explore and one she loves to visit every chance she gets is Lamu island. The Swahili and Arab cultures on the island are similar to the vibes you’ll feel when visiting the more well known Zanzibar island – minus the super touristy crowds. If Lamu wasn’t already on your radar, one look at Sharon’s breathtaking escape will have you adding it to your travel bucket list tonight.


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