Black Travel Moment Of The Day: This Happy Traveler Getting Her Hair Braided In Kenya Is Pure Black Girl Magic
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Black women are serious about their hair. From weaves and braids to natural styles, we don’t let anyone touch our crowns, and we protect our edges at all costs.  The thing is, doing our hair can be a long and sometimes expensive process, one that can be hard to maintain when you’re on the go for an extended period of time. Thankfully, Black women in America aren’t alone in the struggle, and our sisters around the diaspora feel our pain and can step in to help out – something jetsetter Kissy knows firsthand. On a recent trip to Kenya, Kissy had her hair braided by local women at the Kenyatta Market and judging by the expression on her face, the experience was pure joy. Not only did Kissy not have to endure the dreadful full day one usually spends at the braiding salon passing hair and trying not to nod off in boredom (she was only there for three hours), but she only paid the Kenyan equivalent of $22 – talk about winning! But even more than the dope hair moment was the fact that Kissy got to hold space with fellow Black women in Kenya to bond over something they all love, and that’s the essence of Black Girl Magic.

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