Black Travel Moment of the Day: We Love This Sweet Family Photo Opp At The Taj Mahal
Photo Credit: @trimblefamilybucketlist

Travel is often seen as an experience best enjoyed by the young, the single and the childfree – but that sentiment couldn’t be more wrong!  The jetsetting doesn’t stop just because you get married and start a family, in fact, it enhances the experience.

If you ever thought for a second that your love of flight deals and bucket lists would have to end once you start a family of your own, Dale and DamiAna Trimble, and their three adorable kids, King, Legend, and Love, will definitely make you change your mind.

The Trimbles ditched their 9-5 careers to travel full time and check seeing the world with their children off their bucket list. Recently, they made a pit stop in India to check out one of the New Seven World Wonders, the Taj Mahal, and the too cute for words photos they took gave us all the feels.

Photo Credit: @trimblefamilybucketlist

A family that travels together, stays together! Looking forward to seeing where their bucket list adventures take them next.


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