Who Says You Have To Be Home For The Holidays? The 5 Best International Destinations to Visit For Christmas

These locations are bursting with holiday spirit, and it's not too late to plan a visit.

Soul Society 101 Dec, 08, 2016

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Beat the heat this Holiday season by celebrating in Rio De Janeiro. See the iconic Lagoa Christmas Tree on your way to a beach day. While you’re in town, plan to stay to ring in the New Year, joining the mega festive party on Copacabana Beach.

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Paris is known for being festive around the holidays. From the countdown to Christmas through New Year’s Day, the city of lights is even more lit than usual. Walk down the enchanted streets with your girlfriends or your love and you’ll leave with a holida

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On the other side of the world, Bangkok celebrates New Year’s Eve like no other - the boldest New Year’s Eve celebration in Asia where hundreds of thousands gather for a light show and concert at Central World Square. Surrounding nightclubs are full of pa

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Amsterdam is notorious for many things, and you may not think Christmas is one of them. But surprisingly, Christmas is huge in the city, with holiday markets at every corner, countless Christmas Masses and more. Imagine a canal ride taking in the Christma

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For a more intimate and community-feel for your Holidays, head over to Reykjavik, Iceland. Though obviously colder climate may seem discouraging, the revelry in the city square, town bonfires, fireworks and more that will ensure that you’ll be warm and fu