Free Up Yourself! 50 Times Bermuda Carnival Was A Celebration Of Joy And Freedom
Photo Credit: @visualenvyproductions

Though the island of Bermuda isn’t technically part of the Caribbean due to its Atlantic Ocean location, please don’t get it twisted, Bermudian people are carib to di bone. Bermuda’s people, food and culture are undoubtedly part of West Indian culture, and if you’re looking for island vibes, they’ve got that too.

When it comes to carnival other islands like Trinidad and Tobago have long been in the spotlight, but now it’s Bermuda’s time to shine. For days masqueraders get on bad with fetes that go until sunrise and the annual BHW Raft Up party in the island’s Great Sound is not to be missed.

During the Parade of Bands, revelers fill the streets in elaborate, colorful costumes pelting waist to soca and calypso and celebrating the pride and joy they feel for their beautiful island.

If you’ve been sleeping on Bermuda Carnival to your international fete list, then check out these photos that are sure to have you ready to book a flight so you can free up yourself in Bermuda next year.

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