Black Travel Vibes: Find Your Bliss In Belize
Photo Credit: @roamingwithromie

Often overshadowed by other destinations in the region like Costa Rica and Panama, Belize is an escape that often catches many by surprise. Known for its clear blue seas, coral reefs, amazing wildlife, underwater museums, and vibrant culture, the country is definitely a getaway on the rise.

Travelers looking for authentic experiences will fall in love with the warm and welcoming vibes of Belize. On top of that, the country’s affordability means that you can discover all the wonders of the Central American nation without breaking the bank. Creative explorer Romie Williams (@roamingwithromie) recently went to Belize and from the looks of her photos, the trip was nothing short of pure bliss.

Take a look at our exclusive guide to Belize to learn more about how to plan your own journey to paradise.

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