76 Photos That Prove Antigua Carnival Is Badder Than Bad
Photo Credit: Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority

Oh, we know you didn’t think carnival season was done? Listen y’all, the fetes are just getting started! Crop Over in Barbados was a wuk up like no other but the beautiful island of Antigua has got next, and the picturesque destination did not come to play.

Antigua carnival may not get the hype of its nearby neighbors, but fete after fete, Antiguans know how to hit di road for carnival season. If this carnival wasn’t already on your island hopping list, add it now because it is not to be missed. From the energetic people and nonstop parties, to locals who aren’t afraid to get a little dutty, Antigua is the carnival moment you didn’t know you needed.

Check out these photos from this year’s bacchanal and get your waistline ready because in Antigua, they don’t just get on bad for carnival, they get on badder than bad – and we’re here for it! See ya next year.

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