Black Travel Vibes: Chill Out In Alberta, Canada
Photo Credit: @mr_nonchalantt

One look at Instagram would have you thinking one thing – Black people don’t do cold weather. With a feed full of Bali swings, Santorini dresses and sunsets on exotic beaches, the thought doesn’t seem that far off. There’s just one thing, despite popular belief, Black people actually love to bring the heat in the cold weather.

From ice hotels in Sweden to Blue Lagoons in Iceland, we love to chill out in cool destinations around the world. Just across the United States border is a breathtaking cold-weather escape perfect for nature lovers and anyone looking for a different type of adventure. Alberta, Canada may not be as popular as its big sister Toronto, but it has just as much to offer. In the main city of Calgary, visitors can find a vibrant culture, rocking bars, and interesting museums. Then, just outside of the city in Banff they can breathe in the crisp mountain air as they explore the blue lakes and lush forests.

Globetrotter Kevin Coleman (@mr_nonchalantt) recently ventured a bit outside of his comfort zone and took a trip to Alberta in search of a memorable experience that was far from the norm. Check out a few photos from Kevin’s frozen escape, and take notes from our exclusive guide so that you can plan a trip and be one of the cool kids too.

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