If You Want To Walk On The Wild Side, These Airbnb Adventures Are For You!
Photo Credit: Airbnb Adventures

With the uptick of travelers including immersive experiences as a part of their daily travel itinerary, the days of taking a simple beach trip are over. 

According to the ATTA, the international adventure travel market is up 21% (or $683 billion) since 2012. With the need to see, feel, do, touch and get more out of your travel experience at an all-time high, it’s only natural that Airbnb has created a response to what I am deeming “experience desire,” with the launch of Airbnb Adventures.

Separate from Airbnb Experiences, which currently gives you the opportunity to insert yourself into the cultural fabric of your destination via hourly excursions, Airbnb Adventures fully immerses you in mesmerizing two- to 10-day long encounters hosted by local experts who share their time, stories and skills with guests. Whether you want to track lions on foot with warriors in Kenya, explore the Amazon jungle, get centered in the Silent Forest, hunt UFO’s with a paranormal tour of the U.S. Southwest, or enjoy a farm stay in Indiana Amish country—there are over 200 adventures available to book right now!

I had the chance to preview a few experiences available via Airbnb Adventures, and if my journey is any indication, this new program is sure to be a hit.

Leather Note Book Making and Jam Session

Will and Jewel Johnson, members of the Anabaptist brethren community, helped our group of 12 create custom leather notebooks and homemade strawberry jam as they shared and dispelled some of the misconceptions and mysteries behind the Amish and Mennonite community. Visit their farm in Indiana as they share skills, recipes, and traditions that have been passed down through generations.

Foraging with Matt Prindle

Getting back to nature was an understatement as we traversed the grounds of Cedar Lakes Estates in search of edible greenery. We found a few things in our immediate area and delighted in some grass whose flavor was reminiscent of sour apple skittles. Activate your natural survival instincts with a foraging tour in Portland, Oregon.

Sounds Under the Stars

As we made smores by the fire, we were serenaded with a performance of original songs by artist collective, Flight of Voices. The experience was amazing and felt surreal. Laugh, cry and join in on the sweet sounds (yes, there was some call and response) with an adventure to Pioneertown, California.

This new collection of bucket list worthy multi-day experiences come at an affordable price, which is paramount. Hosts offer adventures for a range of budgets from $79 for an overnight trip to $5,000 for a once-in-a-lifetime 10-day trek.

Each adventure is entirely exclusive to Airbnb, or provided by local operators or hosts that are not typically found on any other major booking platform. And just so we’re clear, hosts are the providers of the Adventures: they arrange their own Adventure, control when and where they host, the itinerary, where they stay, what services they offer, and what they charge, so you are really signing up for a truly authentic experience. Flights are not included with Airbnb Adventure packages.

Lastly, in celebration of Airbnb Adventures, a limited number of guests will have the rare chance to channel Phileas Fogg with Around the World in 80 Days. This Adventure will take guests across six continents, 18 countries, two oceans, five seas and eight modes of transportation, including a hot air balloon, which can be booked from Thursday at $5,000 per person. The trip goers will depart from London on September 1.

Airbnb Adventures takes experiential travel to the next level and will undoubtedly increase your palette for true cultural immersion.

So, what will your adventure be?