6 Times This Couple Stamped The World With Their Love
Photo Credit: @adeola.odutola

It’s often said that all we need is love, but in a world that can often feel consumed with shade, hate and chaos, it can be hard at times to find the light in the darkness.

For many of us, catching a flight helps us to see the good as we explore and discover new cultures, friends and adventures. But what’s even better than getting to see the world is getting to do it with someone you love.

For globetrotters Adeola Odutola (@adeola.odutola) and his wife Kourtney (@kourtjack90), traveling is about more than collecting a few passport stamps, it’s about blocking out negativity, reconnecting with each other and spreading love the Naija way. Their travel tradition of exploring with a kiss is giving us all the feels, so you know we had to share.

From Mexico to Nigeria, Adeola and Kourtney are stamped with love and sharing it with the world. Check out these photos from their global adventures and maybe you’ll be inspired to spread a little happiness too!

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