5 Travel Bloggers Show Us How To See The World One Adventure At A Time

Photo Credit: Monet Hambrick

Live your best life—now!

From family safaris in Kenya to endless blues in Greece and wine for days in Cape Town, these five travel bloggers are bringing their global lives directly to you every day on Instagram. So grab your passports and hit that follow button to join these bloggers on the adventure of a lifetime.


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You know this shit isn’t real right? 💧 Like, I might spend a few days in a city, and I post on a delay, so you don’t see the 30 pics until I’m gone. Usually I’m at home or work when I’m posting 🤷🏽‍♀️ 💧 I don’t have a perfect life where I just travel 24/7, I mean, I am #LivingMyBestLife and I’m #ZenAsFuck but still, I’m real and we all have problems. 💧 This is the highlight reel, you don’t see the negatives or the challenges (sometimes I fuss about em, I know ✋🏽) but most of what you see is the positive. 💧 I’m sensitive and emotional AF sometimes, so if you ever catch me on here doing one of those videos where I just stare at the camera and cry promise me you’ll come take my phone, ok?? 💧 You don’t really see my everyday life, you don’t wanna see pics of me at work.you don’t see the hard work I put in. You often don’t even see the negative parts of traveling, delays, exhaustion, plans that don’t work out, etc. 💧 Just giving you some clarity, while you’re at work I probably am too ☺️ 💧 Have a great day, Love Mally 💗

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Mallory Walker isn’t your average travel blogger. Just glance at her IG page and you’ll quickly realize that if you’ve come looking for overly curated photos, brand friendly comments and a ‘do it for the gram’ lifestyle, you’re in the wrong place.  But if you’re looking for a relatable personality from someone trying to figure out how to see the world on a budget just like you, then this hilarious mother of two from Missouri is who you need in your life.


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I knew you were cool when I saw you in high school, rocking a colorful ass throwback jersey, with the matching fitted. You'd grown from the 7-year old yellow boy following me around at track practice. At that time, a fly haircut and a crispy pair of forces were all you needed. You had both. When we were in college, I thought you were so damn ambitious. You were always into so many things, launching businesses from your dorm room. At that time, I thought it was about making the most money, and you were in the game while I was still warming up. Then, I decided to quit my job to travel and write, and you were the only person who thought it was a good idea. You told me to read Linchpin, giving me the validation I needed. You accepted me at a time when figuring out who I wanted to be was the ultimate goal. Through every phase of my life, you've managed to be the man of my dreams, growing right alongside me. We didn't sacrifice, but we strategized. You convinced me we could create the lifestyle we wanted, and I believed your cool, yellow, ambitious ass. Happy Birthday, baby. Let's keep each other laughing like this forever.

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Amirah and Jarrell Cook are literally two crazy kids from the hood who had a dream and took a chance. While their life sounds like the beginning of every travel blogger story ever told (they married then quit their jobs and sold all their belongings to travel the world) , what makes these two different is that then, and now, they’ve done it their way – no sponsors, no ads, no group trip sales, just old fashion hustle. Currently on the fifth year of their indefinite honeymoon, the couple regularly shares the challenges they face, how they manage finances, and everything in between, so that followers can build the life of their dreams on their terms too.


Anquanette Gaspard is the best of both worlds – food and fete. This Crucian bombshell travels the globe introducing you to every delicious treat she can get her hands on, and parties every step of the way.  From eating chicken and waffles in L.A. and hosting foodie tours for her business, Virgin Island Food Tours in her native St. Croix, to indulging in pure bacchanal for Trinidad Carnival, she is always the life of the party. Oh, and don’t worry about all the extra pounds you might pick up following her food recommendations, Anquanette makes sure to throw some fitness videos in the mix so you can join her in the #bodygoals section too.


Think your wanderlust has to stop once you’re married with kids? Let Monet Hambrick and her too cute for words family prove you wrong. After hearing that her and husband James’ travel life would have to end once they learned they were expecting, Monet set out to create a life on their terms, and by 6 weeks old their oldest daughter Jordyn got her first passport stamp, in Colombia. Now with little Kennedy in tow, this family of four jetsets around the globe sharing tips and tricks that will help other parents keep the fun and passport stamps coming.


Drink. Travel. Repeat. Three little words that blogger Ashlee Tuck lives by as she explores the world one drink at a time for her blog, Will Drink For Travel. Whether she’s enjoying cocktails with friends in Baltimore or running through fields of Chardonnay in Cape Town, knows the ins and outs to see the globe, enjoying a great cocktail and living her best life.