19 Couples Who Took Swoon-Worthy Baecations In 2019
Photo Credit: @moesulli

When it came to travel 2019 baecations were at the top of everyone’s wish list with epic adventures happening from Mexico to Sri Lanka. Jet setters proved that the only thing better than seeing some world, was having someone to share the journey with.  

From the scenic cave views of Santorini to desert-loving across the sands of Marrakech, travelers took their steamy romances to new levels, spreading #BlackLove all over the globe. Admittingly it was hard trying to choose our favorite moments from this year, but we managed to narrow it down to 19 couples who took baecation adventures that made us want to swoon with every single photo.

If you’re looking for some travel inspiration for 2020, grab a pen and a pad, because these couples brought the heat and we’re here for every single second of it.