9 Things You Can Do With Red Wine Besides Guzzle It

There's way more than just one way to enjoy a delicious bottle of red wine. (And, we're not just talking about drinking it from the bottle with a straw, ha!) You can make jelly, hot chocolate, produce cleaner and so much more. Put simply, red wine can kind of change your whole life. Here are all of the glorious and wonderful things you can do with red wine.

Lauren Porter Nov, 01, 2016

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With the cold season approaching, nothing will keep you warm quite like a cup of red wine hot chocolate. This recipe from Yeah...Imma Eat  should do the trick this winter.

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Give your veggies a good cleaning with a red wine spritz. The alcohol in wine will remove impurities and kill serious bacteria like E. coli and salmonella.

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Hello, green thumb! Pour the last few drops of your wine bottle into your compost bin. The alcohol and the bacteria will activate and before long, your garden will grow and grow!

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Red wine plus chocolate? Hell yes, please! This rich red wine fudge brownie recipe from Butter Me Up Brooklyn is glorious enough to satisfy all of your cravings at once.

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Tired of those pesky little fruit flies? Give them a buzz! Sit a glass of red wine out to help lures in the flies and capture them. Add a few dots of dishwashing liquid on top to help to prevent their escape. Place a piece of clear plastic wrap over the top of your glass dotted with three or four fruit fly-sized holes and a rubber band or hair elastic to ensure a tight seal, you’ve created a fruit fly trap to make life a little easier.

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Save by skipping the spa and say hello to your new (favorite) DIY skincare treatment. Next time you take a bath, go ahead and add a cup or two of red wine to the water. The Tartaric acid will soften, disinfect and regenerate your skin, leaving it looking smoother than a baby’s bottom!

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Still need to figure out what to give your new neighbors as a housewarming gift? Try wine jelly with his recipe from America's Test Kitchen Feed. 

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Pasta night just got the ultimate upgrade with this drunken pasta recipe from The Italian Dish. 

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Did you know marinating your red meat in red wine has health benefits? Marinating with beer or with red wine resulted in decreased levels of heterocyclic aromatic amines (HAs) which are formed when amino acids, sugars, and creatine react at high temperatures. Six hours of marinating in beer or red wine cut levels of two types of HAs in beef steak by up to 90% compared with unmarinated steak.