The Upgrade: 5 Tech Items That Will Make Your Home Life Easier

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Upgrade your life and make adulting easier with these must-have tech items for your home.

Let’s be real, if we could wave a magic wand and have our home chores and errands do themselves, we would. It would be our wildest Fantasia from Disney dreams come true. But the reality is, in this real-life movie, the brooms don’t sweep rooms on their own, and there’s nothing magical about it. Who wants to spend what little time is left before or after work worrying about little things like buying new air freshener? We know we don’t!

Thankfully technology has heard our silent prayers and companies have started creating items that make even the simplest adulting tasks a hands-off affair. It’s not quite the wave of a wand, but with the push of a button, flick of a switch or start of a timer, we can pretty much automate our home lives.

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If you’re looking for ways to make your home life easier, these tech items are what you’ve been looking for – thank us later.