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The Upgrade: 3 Apps To Help You Design Your Space

These apps will help you design your home from start to finish.
The Upgrade: 3 Apps To Help You Design Your Space
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Now is as good a time as ever to design or refresh your living space. However, deciding to give your home a little pick me up can go from exciting adventure to overwhelming task real quick. What color should you choose? How will it look at night or in sunlight? Will that sofa you love fit in that corner? What coffee table will match? The questions you have to ask yourself are endless.

Fortunately, technology is here to save the day. These days there are several great apps on the market that not only make home design easy, but bring that creativity straight to your fingertips. Whether you just moved, want to revamp your current space, have an apartment or just moved on up to a house, we’ve found three apps that will help you easily tap into your inner design goddess and create a space you’ll love.