Get Paid to Post: The Future for Influencers is Led by a Black Woman
Nicole Pereira
We love our IG and social feeds. And many Black women have leveraged our tech interests for community and cashflow. Kendra Bracken-Ferguson has been at the forefront of helping bloggers and influencers connect with corporate partners. After creating one of the first management companies for digital creators, she founded BrainTrust, which works with brands, influencers and our favorite stars (ahem, Halle Berry). This year BrainTrust joined forces with CAA-GBG, the global entertainment titan, where Bracken-Ferguson now serves as Chief Digital Officer. “As a veteran of the Influencer Marketing space, I’ve seen it all when it comes to Creators and the way brands use them to sell products,” she says. “What’s often been missing from the equation is data-backed deep human insight. When these two fundamental elements are combined, Influencer Marketing becomes not just a tactic but a strategic way brands can connect with consumers.” Bracken-Ferguson led CAA-GBG to be a part of the solution and partnered with CreatorIQ to launch Influencer Data Mapping. She and her team break down the landscape and future trends for influencer marketing in a new report. By 2020, it is projected brands will spend in the billions on influencer marketing. Two of the shifts projected are creators becoming brand consultants helping shape company decisions and Emotional ROI, where brands will connect with causes and communities. Being an influencer is not about number of influencers, but depth of impact. So keep posting, sharing and shaping the world we want – and collect your check along the way.

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