From keeping us connected to friends and inspiring us to explore the world, to helping us make those coins, technology can make managing daily life simple with smart gadgets that handle, well, everything. One place many people would love to automate is their home. Imagine being able to unlock the door from a phone, walk into the house and have the lights turn on automatically, get a full rundown of your schedule from a virtual assistant or enable a robot vacuum to clean the place from anywhere in the world? Cool right?

For many tech lovers, the allure of creating a smart home is a strong one, filled gadgets galore. But with so many products out there, it’s hard for a beginner enthusiast to know where to begin and what to ask for during the gift-giving season. That’s where we come in! Thankfully for you, #TeamEssence has a few tech junkies of its own, and we’ve rounded up dope gifts that range from affordable starter to must-have splurge so that you can get exactly what they need to make their smart home dreams come true.

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