12 Birthday Gifts That Are Perfect For The Taurus In Your Life

Jose A. Bernat Bacete

It's #TaurusSeason! Looking for a great gift idea for your friend who is reliable, patient, responsible and devoted? These gifts will make the perfect presents!

Lauren Porter Apr, 21, 2017

1 of 12 Target

Tauruses are known for their stubborn and uncompromising nature. Help them keep their zen with this yoga mat. 

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2 of 12 Anthropologie

A Taurus loves a little bit of romance and this candle, with a coconut milk and mango scent, will definitely help set the mood.

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3 of 12 Anthropologie

Help your Taurus friend's mind stay organized and clutter free. Their practical and responsible tendencies will appreciate this for sure.

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A Taurus will love a thoughtful monogrammed gift, especially a cheeky, leather bag tag like this one!

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5 of 12 Etsy

The Taurus in your life loves a good tea time and this mug is the perfect gift to help them make the moment special. Plus, you can customize it especially for her!

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6 of 12 Nordstrom

Give the Taurus in your life the high quality luxury they deserve with this robe. It's a practical gift, in a great fabric that will upgrade their lounge wear game instantly!

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7 of 12 Amazon

Your Taurus friend is an earth sign, and with this bottle in hand, she'll feel more connected to what keeps her grounded and realistic.

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8 of 12 Bauble Bar

It's simple. It's dainty. It's perfect. It will give your friend the option to dress this accessory up or down and a Taurus will really love that you gave them the option!

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9 of 12 Williams-Sonoma

Tauruses love being in the kitchen, so this dutch oven will give your friend life. Plus. it's the ultimate treat to make her cookware cabinets complete!

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10 of 12 Urban Outfitters

With a love of music, these headphones will be a great gift for the Taurus in your life.

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11 of 12 Sears

An earthy Taurus will love this throw pillow to add a little of their personality into their home decor. 

available at Sears $46.88 Buy Now!

12 of 12 TJ Maxx

The Taurus is a bull and this watercolor skull framed art work is the best representation of their beautiful, yet strong, nature.

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