Take the Family Challenge
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Ready, set, win it! When you play together, you are making memories with your family that last a lifetime. Strengthen your relationships and bond over a friendly competition filled with challenges that have you bonding by round two.

Before you dive in, here’s what you’ll need:



Art supplies: Paper, Markers/Pencils/Crayons



Snacks (because you’re gonna get hungry!)

Now, divide up into teams or conquer these quests together—just get ready, it’s time for Round One!

Set the timer for one minute. Gather as many orange items found in your home as you can. The team with the most items, wins. Well, what are you waiting for—go!

Set the timer for 15 minutes. Create the ultimate box fort—whoever builds the highest structure is the winner, but creativity always earns you bonus points.

Time for a physical challenge tie breaker! Set up an obstacle course in your home—it can be a straight line, a circle, or even a zig-zag pattern. Choose some fun moves to make it extra challenging, maybe you have to hopscotch through the living room, jump like a frog across the kitchen, or crawl down the hallway. Now, set that timer because whoever completes the course first is the winner!

Take a break, have a snack, and regroup. Decide if you want to stick with the same teams, change it up, or continue to rock this challenge as a family. But hey, you better choose quickly, because Round Two starts now!

Get the art supplies and set the timer for 10 minutes. Draw your way to victory by making a picture of your family. The team with the most details is the winner!

Each team gets a spoon and an egg for this challenge. Put down a towel or tarp where two teams can race with their eggs balanced on the spoons. This is a relay, so the first person will pass it to the next, until all team members have completed the race. The team who is the fastest with the least amount of broken eggs wins.

Time for the final physical challenge tie breaker—The Floor is Lava! Choose one room to play in and design stepping stones to help the teams make it across the space without touching the lava. Set the team to make it across the fastest is the winner!

Congratulations, you did it! Celebrate everyone’s wins together—and maybe even start to create your own family challenges to try the next time you play.