The Harveys are word class travelers, and what we love about their getaways is that they manage to partake in them as a family. Even if they don’t all get to the same destination at the same time, they often meet up at stunning locales for R&R together.

Off and on over the last few months, Steve has been in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He was recently a part of Expo 2020 Dubai and has helped to get the word out about initiatives to feed the hungry across the UAE. And last year he started a business in Dubai, Melt Middle East, which is an events and consulting company that he hopes will bring celebrity hosted events to UAE that promote cultural exchange. And for the record, over the years, he’s actually visited all seven emirates.

As for this most recent trip! He’s since been joined by his brood, including sons Broderick, Wynton and Jason, daughter Lori and of course, his leading lady, Marjorie. He’s also stayed in style with help from his stylist, Elly Karamoh, who is exploring Abu Dhabi with the family.

Everyone has documented their stylish fun, including moments of showcasing their fierce fashion sense while wearing traditional Emirati clothing, posing in designer threads, and enjoying the sunshine, good weather and good living that that UAE can offer. Check out photos of the Harveys living their best life below.


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