In just a few weeks, students will be once again back to class, marking the end of summer. So now is the time to start gearing up for another school year. But before the first bell rings, it’s up to you to get them ready—and that can mean only one thing, back-to-school shopping!

We’ve got your covered with the essentials your student needs to make the grade, whether they’re studying in the classroom or the living room. And the best part is, you can find it all in one place with low prices, Walmart.

Laptop. Upgrade your tech before classes start this fall. Chromebooks and tablets are fast becoming back-to-school basics. This Acer Chromebook has an incredibly fast connection and amazing battery life to run apps, photos, videos,  music and docs or if you need to be more mobile, this Lenovo M8 tablet is pretty great at a super low price.

Clothes. Chances are your kids grew several inches this summer, so new clothes are a real must-have. Check out these awesome outfits from top brands like Wonder Nations and if you need uniforms, they’ve got them at low prices too, find them here. Your student will love showing off their signature style on campus or on virtual class calls. Afterall, your kiddo won’t win best-dressed this year without your help!

Smart watch. Stay in touch with your student while giving them the hottest accessory ever. Great for taking pics, playing games and counting, there are a lot of options but the Smart Kids Watch has safety features like tracking and calling.

Shoes. Are they trying to cram into last year’s kicks? Just like their old jeans, they are going to need new shoes. Find the latest looks right here—you’ll see styles that are perfect for everywhere, from the schoolyard to the backyard at prices that will make you want to get more than one pair!

Arts. Channel their inner artist or gear up for projects and presentations with art supplies. Washable markers and crayons are always hot items (especially if you want to save your walls at home!) and you can get a great deal on markers, crayons, clay, chalk and more with the awesomely priced Cra-Z-Art collection.

Backpack. Get the characters they love and you’ll be loved in return. Find fun and functional backpacks featuring their faves, from Baby Shark to Fortnite and every LOL and Pikachu in between. And if classic is more their style, carry the top brands, like Champion, Eastsport and No Boundries in basic hues and patterns as well.

Headphones. Perfect for in school, remote learning and at home, headphones are fast becoming the top school supply. Shop a variety here or pick up a wireless bluetooth pair like this one from onn.—they are fun, great looking and only $14.88!

Calculator. If you haven’t done new math yet, just wait. And trust that you will need a calculator to get you and your child through the year. Pick the latest graphing calculators for you high schooler, and grab one for yourself too—even if you’ve got a grade schooler, you’ll be glad you did.

Notebooks. From pretty composition books to spiral subject notebooks, one thing all students need is a variety of notebooks and paper, plus folders to stay organized. And while we’re talking paper, grab pens, pencils and a cool case to put them all in

Snacks. Stock up on snacks now before the afternoon hungries start up each day. You can even set individual servings for kids to grab and go on their own—maybe they will actually stop saying they need a snack!

Best of all, get fast, free two-day delivery when you order from And just like that, you’re done Mama—all you have left to do is enjoy these last carefree days of summer!