‘Soft Life’ Sleep: 7 Of The Best Products To Try For Better Rest
(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

If you’ve been tapping into your “soft life” lately, that is, you’re consciously making decisions to decrease your stress and hardship, you know firsthand that one of the key components to embracing this life of leisure is to get an adequate amount of rest. 

You might be surprised to learn just how much sleep can play a role in your health and lifestyle. A survey conducted by the Better Sleep Council reported that factors such as physical pain, personal finances, and social isolation/loneliness can all be negatively impacted by our sleep habits, with stress being the “leading driver of poor sleep quality.” In fact, “33% of the adult population are struggling with chronic insomnia” according to a study in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care. That’s why it’s important that we explore the full range of sleep aid options to assist in getting us the downtime and recovery we need each night. 

For Better Sleep Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness around the benefits of a balanced sleep routine and how rest can improve our overall health and well-being, we’ve put together a list of products that will have you catching more Zs and contribute to less stress.