Jab Jab Nation! At These Electric Spicemas Fetes Anything Goes
Photo Credit: Omar Takes Pictures

Ask anyone from Grenada and they’ll tell you straight “we play mas but we don’t play – we play jab!”

You may have gone to parties on other islands, but you haven’t fete until you’ve headed to Jab Jab nation for Spicemas. The people of Grenada are the mud and the oil, and if you too ‘fraid to dutty up your clothes – stay home. From sunup to sundown the energy on the island is electric and the air is filled with a sense of pure freedom.

You’ll find something to get into all around the island, but partying at popular fetes like Fleet, Silent Morning and of course, the infamous Jab Jab J’ouvert, will feel like a movie. Because at Spicemas, anything goes. Check out our exclusive photos from inside the hottest parties during Grenada’s Spicemas carnival.

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