Last week Beyonce fans celebrated a new line of merch inspired by her groundbreaking Coachella set. Now the kids in your life can celebrate her history-making performance too. Thanks to the artistry of a creative mommy-daughter duo, the look Queen Bey rocked for week one of #Beychella has been reimagined for Barbie and friends.

Mom, wife, and expert crafter LaToya Moore-Broyles created a yellow hoodie (complete with glitter Greek letters), distressed high-waist jeans — thanks to a handy nail file, and white shimmer boots with a few “simple” stitches. Her easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial can help you put pint-size dolls into a custom tailored ensemble in no time. And trust us — it’s a lewk. The video even includes details for how to get a legit collar, finished hem, and a cuff for your sweatshirt sleeve. Did we mention the hoodie includes a functioning drawstring? Aside from a couple craft store finds and pre-made doll shoes, everything in this nearly 8-minute tutorial are easy-to-find materials you may even have laying around the house. A bit of staging and a hint of doll-play makes the DIY video even more comical and entertaining. The best part is that all the patterns you need to create this stellar look can be found on My Froggy’s Google photo page as a free download.