Real Housewives Of Potomac star Monique Samuels is passing her knowledge as a mom of three on to other parents trying to figure out potty training.

The reality star is currently promoting her new book “Potty Training Mommy & Daddy” which gives guidance on how parents can start potty training their children as young as 6 months old. Samuels began promoting the new project in the summer, which was inspired by her parenting platform called Not For Lazy Moms.

“Potty training doesn’t have to be a nightmare,” Samuels said on Instagram back in August. “When parents often beg the question, ‘How and when do I potty train this little human?’ the answer really isn’t that complicated. This step-by-step guide focuses on tips and tricks for Mommy and Daddy to start potty training at a very early age by introducing the potty as soon as your baby can sit up on their own. Sounds crazy? But it works.”

Samuels spoke with BCK Online about her book, and to further explain her strategy for potty training children at such a young age.

“I was told years ago, before I became a mom, that you can actually start teaching your child how to potty train as soon as they’re able to sit up and are on solid foods just because it’s easier to track,” Monique said told the outlet. “I did it with all three of my kids, and it worked. It’s like they know. My kids, they don’t sit on the toilet for hours. They use it when they have to go and then they handle their business and they’re done.”

Samuels also says that even though babies can’t communicate it verbally, going to the potty makes them feel more comfortable. “I think they feel a sense of relief because, naturally, who wants to sit in mess,” she continued. “Even babies, as soon as you pull that diaper off, they’re relieving themselves because they’re like, ‘Oh, good! I don’t have anything on me. Let me get this out.’”

The RHOP star and her husband, Christ Samuels, have two sons named Chase and Christopher, as well as a daughter named Milani. You can purchase her book, “Potty Training Mommy & Daddy” here.


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