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The Ultimate Gift Guide For New Moms

From a monitor that plays tunes and tracks heart rate to a gift box that helps a woman heal from delivery, see the best gifts for a new mom.
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As new moms navigate parenting for the first time or taking care of multiple children when they used to just have one, many things will be needed. Kids have never-ending needs and grow fast! But instead of coming around with the usual onesies and diapers for the newest addition to your loved one’s family (though both will always be welcomed with open arms), think differently when it comes to holiday gifts for your friend who just gave birth.

From gift boxes that help them heal from whichever way they delivered (ouch) to a stroller that will help them easily navigate the bumpy terrain of urban living (all while keeping baby comfortable and asleep), there is so much out there that can make a big difference in the busy, often overwhelmed life of a new parent. Here are a few must-haves.

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